My Most Favorite Comic Book Characters Created By Stan Lee

We all have our favorite characters in movies and books. Many people have gone ahead to comic book characters that we now see on our screens. However, the most identifiable creation is by Stan Lee. He was gifted in creating almost every main character. From the comic book characters Stan Lee created, I have my favorite as well. I’m going share them with you below. Read on to find out.



Hulk picture

I can’t miss mentioning this character that is created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. One thing I Iove about this fictional superhero all through the comic books it appears, it comes out as a big green humanoid. It appears that the Hulk possesses almost unlimited superhuman power and colossal immunity which I know most of us would love to have. To make this character more likeable to me is the fact that the attributes the Hulk possess become more powerful when he gets angrier. These traits are incredible especially when you have so many enemies. This character has a change of personality, Bruce Banner. In his alter ego, Banner is weak in the flesh, communally withdrawn, and psychologically standoffish physicist. I love the fact that these two personalities, exist independently and moreover resent each other. Who wouldn’t like this?

Doctor Strange

This is another creation of Stan Lee that I cannot forget to mention. Even if you wanted to ignore this character, you wouldn’t. The name speaks it all. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, is best known by his alias Doctor Strange. The fictional superhero character acts as the sorcerer supreme. He is the leading defender of the Earth against mystical and magical threats. I love this! Doctor Strange was at one time a brilliant doctor but an arrogant surgeon. Just see how things can change in a moment. The doctor gets I to a car an accident and has his hands damaged severely. This interferes with his ability to carry out surgery. While searching for a way to restore them, he comes across the old method. He later becomes one of the ancient Sorcerer Supreme students and gets to be a practitioner of both the martial arts and also the mystical arts.

Together with his knowledge of powerful spells, Doctor Strange has a set of clothes with two mystical objects that provide him with additional powers. He is also assisted by his pal and valet, Wong, as well as a vast assortment of mystical things. I love this character, from a surgeon to a Supreme sorcerer. He is indeed strange.

Betty Ross

This is a character created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and it is one of my favorites. I like how Betty Ross (Elizabeth) comes out as an independent-minded and strong-willed but conservatively polite lady. As the daughter of the general, Betty spends her educational years under the strict rules of her dad. Unfortunately, her mom dies when she is just a teenager. Betty is then sent to a boarding school and comes back with a secret to create a weapon.

In the different series of the Hulk, Betty was off and on as a supporting character. Betty has served as the Hulk’s best running love attention.


If you haven’t seen this, it is because you hate spiders. This is Stan Lee’s favorite and mine as well. It stands out from the rest with superpowers. Spider is an orphan who is raised by his aunt after his parents are killed in an aircraft crash. The teenager, Spiderman deals with the entire struggle every teenager can face from financial to adolescence. After a radioactive spider bites him, Peter Parker (Spiderman) gets the spider-allied abilities and powers. He gets to cling to surfaces as spiders do. I love how he responds to danger faster using the senses of a spider. I wish we had such people in real life. He uses his power to become famous but learns how to utilize his powers responsibly after a burglar who shot his uncle escaped.



I may not know your favorite character from the comic book created by Stan Lee, but I believe you have. Most of these characters possess powers that you wish they existed in real life. They don’t make cheap creative Christmas gifts but they’ll surely be appreciated by a comic nerd.



Two areas of interest are the Legion of Super-Pets Sketch Gallery where you will find sketches by many great artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The second area should be of interest to comic historians everywhere. In 1978 DC cancelled a large percentage of their titles in what became known as the DC Implosion. The material for the cancelled titles was collected into 35 sets of photocopies to retain copyrights. This material is of interest to the industry because of the large role it played in the history and shaping of DC Comics and the fact that DC never published the complete material in any format other than the photocopies. Without the Implosion the industry might be a very different place today. The historical and educational importance of this material and the significance the Implosion had on the industry makes it important to have this material available to all fans and historians of the rich history of comics. Enjoy.